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Here is your;
Energy Reading
…for the week of: August 30th, 2016

What a magnificent time it is!

So much energy moving and shaking things up.

The envisioning of new is in the mix and there is excitement in seeing how things will settle.

It’s a great week for…
…noticing any fears that are being brought to the surface.
Allow yourself to embrace any concerns around change.
Let yourself be open to using the energy of fear and worry for benefit.
Redirecting emotional energy can support you in doing a lot that you have maybe put off.
Just remember to keep the energy in motion with action or even your breath so it does not cause energetic blockages.
Take advantage of how the energy of the planet is moving this energy up and out for you.
It’s also a good week for…

…asking for what you want.

Ask directly of those around you in business and relationship and then detach from the outcome.

It is another way to keep the energy of change moving in the direction you want.

You can ask the Unknown Angels for anything you desire, especially that the changes around and within you happen with as much grace and ease as possible.

Maybe you might ask for old energetic blockages to be released in kind gentle ways.

Christy and I both would like you to have the chapter ‘Return of Grace’ if you do not have it already, from ‘When the Door Opens, Let Sprit In.’

Change is always a combination of vision and courage, let Spirit stand at your side and support you!

Let Spirit in!

In Spirit Centered Awareness,
Judy and Christy
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