WingsConfirming our inner awareness from an outside source is a great way to develop your psychic abilities.  When we verify our energetic perceptions with someone outside ourselves we gain confidence and learn to trust the information we are receiving.

One of the ways I’ve used to develop my psychic awareness about the Earth ascension energies was by following Karen Bishop’s Wings posts. I paid attention to the energy I feel coming to the planet and got reassurance from her description of what she sensed was happening.  It got to the point that I could feel when she was going to make new post based on how I was feeling and what I was picking up on energetically.

Initially, I felt a bit of shock when she stopped writing her weekly posts.  I appreciated them so much.  I trust she followed her own internal guidance by leaving her position as the writer of the Wings alerts.  I feel joy in my heart when someone follows their own path based on their own guidance, even if they go when I would like them to stay.

And even though she didn’t continue her posts,  I’ve learned to trust my own psychic impressions about what’s happening within me and the Earth.  It’s always nice to have a way to confirm what You are feeling with someone outside yourself.

Do you have a way that you foster Your psychic nature by receiving confirmation of what You already know?  Friends, psychic readers, newsletters or blogs?

As for me I have my wings and I can fly.  Does someone need to remind me I can fly at times?  Of course.  Here’s to You and your wings!  And always remembering You can fly.