Live powerfully… centered in your intuition

in your radiantly clean energetic house!

Each one of these products and programs is designed to

springboard your wellness and boost your psychic abilities.

 Which ones do You resonate with?

Psychic 101  Home Study Program

Clean your energetic house on your own time!

  • Learn How to Ground to the Earth
  • Connect to Cosmic Energies for Your Benefit
  • Setting up Energetic Protection
  • Clearing your Personal Sacred Space
  • Making Room for Psychic Knowing


You Get:

  • 9 Audio Lesson/Meditations
  • Heal Yourself Lesson Manual


Buy now for only $45 US

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Psychic 201– Home Study Program

Clean your energetic house with the help of your personal healing guides!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Stop self-sabotaging by embracing your shadow self.
  • Release your energy from people and situations that drain You.
  • Work with your Spiritual Surgeon and Healing Master to keep your energy clear.
  • Access a greater level of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness.

Included in this program:

  • 8 audio lessons/meditations
  • Downloadable lesson workbook
  • Email support

Buy now for only $65.

Get the Psychic 101 & Psychic 201 programs together in the Package Deal for only $99.

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When the Door Opens~ Let Spirit In – eBook

The larger part of us is spiritual and a big part of what we are doing here is about expression and experience.

WhentheDoorOpensHere’s Just A Sampling of the Topics Touched on in this E-Book:

  • Energetic Shifting
  • Raising Vibration
  • Being a Spiritual Being
  • Resisting Change
  • Conscious Creating
  • Physical Health
  • Physical Purpose
  • and…many more!


Feedback from Readers:

When I read this book, I saw how I was a part of the changes.’

‘Spiritual concepts presented in easy to understand examples.’

‘The conversation in these pages was uplifting and inspiring!’


Purchase Today $19 US



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Breath Awakenings

Using the tools and Meditations allow You to attain:


  • greater relaxation and vitality
  • getting and staying emotionally balanced
  • being grounded and centered
  • pain release easily and quickly (so You can maintain greater focus in your spiritual practice)
  • cleansing and clearing of your energy house to boost your psychic skills
  • expanded consciousness



Purchase today for only $27 US



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Chakra Healing and Balancing Program


  • Developing Stronger Psychic Abilities and Spiritual Connection
  • Being in your Power and feeling Passionate about Life
  • Infusing Spirit into Mundane by being More Connected to Source
  • Having Healthy Relationships with Openness and Loving Expression
  • Overcoming fears and self limiting patterns
  • Making it Easier to Manifest Abundance and Security in Your life
  • Gain confidence and a high level of self worth which reflects Greater Joy in Your Life


Buy Now $39




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 Choosing Psychic Tools Video – FREE watch now!

Each will support You in further understanding the simple yet profound language of Spirit?

But which one is right for You:


  • Tarot Cards
  • Oracle Cards
  • Runes
  • Pendulum
  • Angel Cards
  • SpellBoards
  • Candles
  • Crystals
  • Books

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We are here to support and help You!

Hopefully You find what will serve You here and if there is something You would like to see please let us know Click Here.



In Spirit Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy