Are You on your true path?

Although any path can be beneficial and work for You to express yourself as a divine being, your intuition is an eager willing guide in bringing You to the path of your clearest choice.

It serves to be running your own energy clear and strong so that what You are given direction to is for your highest good.  What You keep active in your vibration is what You will experience!

Everyone has the ability to feed into your reality somehow, but only through You.

Do You recognize that your reality is shaped and influenced by You and You alone?

What You think about your situations and what You think about another’s situations, affects You the same.  Such a great time to get clear again about what You choose to create in your life.

It actually will benefit for You to slow down enough to do the clarity thing more often than You have in the past.  The higher vibration we are living in now allows for changes and adjustments to happen more quickly, making conscious creation easier than ever.

As quick as You are willing to get clear actually.

This bring us to the reminder to turn your attention to the solutions whether they be solutions for You or for others.  It is also indicated that having others surround You that are dedicated to finding solutions and joy would be most beneficial.

Find ways to say ‘YES’ to You in your relationships and dealings with others.  Recommended as a good time to spend time with others willing to come from a heart open space of willingness and authenticity.

Your ability to be with others or on your own where openness and a sharing of loving acceptance is the prominent energy will propel You closer to the abundance, enjoyment and feeling good that everything You do is based on.

Along with the realizations that You are more influential about your outcomes than You may have thought, there is an important piece about not being hard on yourself if You are not where You say You want to be yet.

Being gentle and finding ways that feel good to fulfill this role as the master of your destiny will always serve You.

Look around You for opportunities to express and receive love in new unexpected ways while You notice how powerful You are right from your energetic center.

 Action:  No matter where life takes You laughter can be the key to bring You back to center.

Finding humor in something…,anything, can relax You enough to support You in shifting your focus to what brings You to a better place in yourself and your life.

The Distant Psychic Healing Day is on the New Moon, March 11th, for everyone on the Psychic Potentials mailing list.  Our intention is always for the most benevolent outcome for all those receiving this healing energy!

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In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy


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