So here we are into the new calendar year and have gone through the energetic recalibration for the next dimension here on the planet Earth.

It is like the energetics of our lives have been purged and reorganized and now your ability to come into alignment with this newly reorganized energy becomes most important.

So much opportunity in creating collaboratively.  It is time to take a step back for most and recognize that strong leadership these days happens when the heart is fully integrated in the process.

And watch for the possiblity of mental overwhelm.

The shift to the energetic web that has been happening is not easily understood via the mind, yet with patience and willingness it will all come clearer in the mind via the heart.

Can You focus on how You have what You need, when You need it?

If You feel like You need to withdraw for a time, transformation can cause this.  To take the external pressure off, value yourself by taking time out when You feel it is right and allow the internal shifts to happen.

The thoughts and ideas that come during this time of transformation are part of the recalibration and how You can live the energetic shifting that has happened.

If You just listen, the exact right steps will be revealed and be easy to integrate into your life.  You may find yourself waking up one morning and find that You are completely committed to a new way of nurturing yourself.

It may show up as nutritional changes, relationship adjustments, a new exercise program or a multitude of other things that would make your life more enjoyable and the best part is that it will be easy to follow through with this new program!

Most of the time change happens out of a mental adjustment over time, the energetic shifts cause changes in thoughts and beliefs to happen effortlessly because of the increase in vibration on the planet.  Go with it and know that You deserve to live from these high vibrating changes in your thoughts.

After an energetic shifting and calibration of the magnitude that we have just had, it might serve You to ask your guides to support You in aligning with as much grace as possible. Expect personal shifts to happen quickly and much easier than in the past.  You deserve to live the inner shifts out loud and be gentle with yourself if it feels somedays like You are a completely different person than You were just weeks ago.


Action:  Keep grounded even when things seem a bit slippery and trust that it isn’t the most important thing that You ‘figure it out’.  Your job is to listen with your whole being to what and who You are and how to take the steps one at a time to live this consciously!

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy & Judy

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