The energy of desires being fulfilled is strong now.  It is definitely indicated that now is the time to be taking conscious action. All this energy we’ve been building is ready to be released.   It is important to expend the energy in a disciplined way so as not to get reckless and away from connecting to heart.  The expectation is of a bold confidence in relation to the actions that You might have the desire to take.

The balance of masculine and feminine has come to the forefront this month and the compliment of feminine being and the masculine doing ensures success. The period we are in is one of finding equal, like finding equal on a set of balance scales.  It is going to serve to be aware of how You can maintain the balance of being and doing. This reminds us again of the importance of bringing the head and the heart together in making decisions.  This will allow You to come from an authentic place and You will be heard more effectively in any and all of your endeavors.psychic potentials develop Your abilities

Over the last months we’ve asked You to be more aware of the old beliefs that were no longer serving You.  Today would be a good day to evaluate the new beliefs that You are establishing and notice any inconsistencies in beliefs versus what You are living.  Much of this will happen anyway, yet any inspired action based on personal awareness is going to more fully support the ease and flow of your life.

A quick reminder that even when You are feeling any darkness that there is so much light potential You have access to and it is always your choice. Others are going to be noticing the bright light around us as of the full Moon in the last month and now we are going to be noticing it ourselves.  Nurturing self is still really important as You more fully recognize your value and what You have to offer.

We all have our individual visions and wisdom. By You looking after what is yours to do and others looking after theirs, all the pieces come together and fit without extra effort.  Can You believe it?  Believing is seeing!

Throughout the year there has been so much expansion.  Now is a time for recognizing what might be standing in the way of this expansion being sustained.

If You are feeling concerned or fearful about fulfilling this expansion and being able to fully experience it, then giving awareness to the balance between giving and receiving in your life is going to be important. If You need to allow yourself to let go and focus fully on just appreciating the things around You that You enjoy and bring You joy.  It is the quick method for staying open and receptive.

Action: Spend time each day checking in with your self on a physical level.  Notice if any parts of your body feel tight or uncomfortable.  Avoid putting off finding ways to release the stress until after the holiday season.  You may need to relax more or find a way to listen for psychic messages. Sometimes tightness in the physical body in or around the chakras can indicate resistance to ‘hearing’ what messages are coming to You. There is so much value in being able to notice any stresses before they bloom into sickness.

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

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