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Energy Reading
…for the week of: October 12th 2015
Let your world be pulled apart!
It’s the only way it can be put back together in a way that serves you.
Sometimes you get comfortable with the way things have been.
Now’s the time to remove those aspects of your life  that don’t work when they stand on their own.
And add more of those aspects that are really working for you. You know what they are.
It’s a great week for…
How have you changed in the last year?
Can you see how all the shifting energy supports a more authentic expression of you?
Be willing to look at yourself with fresh eyes.
Allow yourself to notice a little more the messages of Spirit.
It’s also a good week for…
…being appreciative.
It gets you in alignment quickly.
Notice how you feel in your body as you appreciate life around you.
Write it, talk it and feel it!
‘Feel it’ so you vibrate right into the things you desire!
In Spirit Centered Awareness, ​
Judy and Christy
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