You can use Your intuition and follow Your impulses to act to make Your life easier or to save Yourself time, money and hassles.

For example, You sell a stock at its high or buy at the low.  You slow down right before You pass a police car watching for speeders.  You put Your dog on its leash just before the forest ranger passes by on the trail.

Don’t You just love when that happens?  You feel good and appreciate yourself for listening.

On the other hand how many personal examples do You have when You ignored Your intuition and it cost You?not listening to intuition

You didn’t slow down or just stay home and got a speeding ticket.  You had the impulse to sell a stock and held on too long.  You didn’t ask Your child to stop doing something when You thought they could get hurt.  Then You’re getting out the bandages.  You let Fido run off leash, just this once.  Dog-at-large ticket.

Do You really listen?  Do You really act upon Your intuitive impulses?  Or do You question and doubt Yourself?

I have the benefit of being married to a husband who does listen to his guidance.  Turns out we both get the same intuitions about thing.  We both feel the need to lock the doors…. then hear about some burglaries nearby.

We’ve learned the hard way that when we ignore our psychic promptings, we pay.  We both had the intuition to take the luggage rack off the top of the van. We ignored that and missed out on free parking when we were in Denver for a show.  The van wouldn’t fit in the parking garage with the rack on top of the van. It only cost us $8, that time.

Listening and benefiting from our intuition or ignoring it and paying the cost  both serve. We learn to trust ourselves more and more.  We start to trust those seemingly minor bits of intuitive guidance that end up saving us in the long run.

Which way do You prefer?  To act upon intuition and be happy You did.  Or to ignore Your intuition and pay later?

I suggest You pay attention to when You listened and ignored intuition.  Write them down or talk with a loved one.  By giving Your intuition more notice, it will become stronger.  You’ll look back and be clear about what Your intuitive promptings are.  So You’ll be more aware of them in the future.