developing psychic potential

I have become aware of many articles on the net that are put up by psychics sharing future information about everything, from TV reality shows and celebrity relationship success, to where the next earthquake is going to be.

Is this sort of information okay to share if You are psychic and receiving this ‘extra’ sneak peek.

The quick answer might be, No.  I find this challenging if I look at it in a ‘black and white’ way, without thought.

Without societal acceptance of extra-sensory abilities how else can a psychic gain recognition as being viable?  As a psychic looking at a situation and sharing before hand to create a track record, how else could this be done?

Would it not be a form of marketing?  To present their abilities and offering You an example of their work.

Remember You can always choose not to read foretelling articles.

Or if I am walking down the side-walk and my eyes ‘see’ that there is a car headed for a couple across the way and they are preoccupied, chances are I am going to do a quick shout out in warning.  Even if I ‘see’ this information with extra-sensory abilities.

The in danger right there and then information gets shared by me.  If I ‘see’ it happening two years from now, it really is none of my business in passing.  It comes down to using sense.  Especially knowing any information shared from any form is not set in stone.

Unsolicited advice is just that, any time.  Just like I would rather not have a stranger come up to me and talk to me about my health or death, parenting the children, advice about my love life and a myriad of private matters, I would prefer that a psychic stranger follow the same rules.

If any information is shared by someone psychic or otherwise it is important for You the individual to make up Your own mind and listen to Your own heart about what works and is right for You!