Do You follow your psychic promptings without question?  Or do You analyse your guidance first?  I would love to say I just jump right in and follow my inner awareness at all times.  Sometimes I let my logic take over and ignore the priceless guidance, and usually I regret it.

I had the psychic nudge to give my piano that was my mom’s to my sister back in 2003.  I didn’t know why in the world I had that thought when I was having it.  But I do remember the intuitive impulse was super strong, but seemingly illogical.  I ignored that thought.  Guess what?  My house burned down with the piano in it the end of 2003.

Psychic PotentialsAnother time I had very clear guidance on my drive from Colorado to Arizona to visit my sister.  My guides told me very clearly to keep driving.  Not to stop for gas at the last gas station for 90 miles till Moab.  You know what? I just took a leap of faith and followed my guidance.

My daughter was young and asleep.  I was happy that my guides told me that I could make it to Moab. It’s so pleasant to drive with a sleeping child. Why wake her for gas when my guides told me I could make it?

My logic told me there was no way I could make it to Moab.  But I went for it.  I got extremely nervous when the low fuel light came on.  I was thinking I was crazy to not have stopped.  My guides kept affirming “You will make it. Relax and enjoy the scenic drive.”

You know what?  I made it and probably went farther than I’ve ever been in that car on one tank of gas.  My daughter slept the whole way.

The trusting my guidance that I could refill in Moab has gone a long way too.  I’ve used that incident over and over when I’m feeling a financial crunch.   The universe will refill my financial gas tank always.  Just when I worry over not having the money for something, my account is refilled.

Learning to trust Your guidance over Your logical mind can have great benefit. The confirmation usually comes from hindsight.   Perhaps You can even get a great metaphor for Your life out of trusting Your guidance.  Guidance that is powerful in the now and guides You for years.

When the guidance is clear for You, take a leap of faith.  You’ll be happy You did.  If You follow those psychic promptings Your life can be filled with joy and ease.