Be careful of this, be careful of that, don’t do this warnings, but definitely do that.  They can be helpful, yes.  Have they gotten out of control?  Maybe.

psychic potentials

I just was reading an article about a psychic show in London where there was controversy over there not being enough of a disclaimer.

Stating that the performance was just that, a show and not to be seen as anything other than entertainment.  I found this to be entertaining in itself.

I have had psychic readings done for me in the past and was able to make up my own mind whether the information shared and the psychic I employed was solid or not.  Were those people any less able to discern for themselves whether what they were seeing was real for them or really entertaining or both.

After the fact, if they didn’t like what was presented, they can decide to follow up and ask for a refund.  (Possibly the reason for the disclaimer in the first place?)

And can they choose to not go to this show again.  As it is with any service.

If You do not like what You have received, find another provider.

How can we know that psychic ability and extra-sensory perception is viable when we are paying for services?

  • Ask for references.
  • Take advantage of trials and free offerings.
  • Look for ways that You can find out about the person/s doing the reading.
  • Check in with Your own extra-sensory abilities.
  • What are the results?  Decide accordingly.

When I am looking for a new service provider for anything, I consciously set an intention that, ‘I will find a company or individual that is going to serve my highest good’.  It really is up to me to decide for myself and use my decision making muscle often so that it gets stronger. Whether it be plumbing, insurance provider or psychic reading that I am looking for.