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Here is your;
Energy Reading
…for the week of: Sept 29th, 2016

Don’t be afraid to shake things up a little bit! (Or for some of you, a lot.)

If you take your cues from nature, the storms are what bring growth and expansion.

The forest fires bring cleansing and renewal through seed germination.

Yes, the most aggressive storms do cause damage, with them come great clarity.

Consider how often a heavy shake up brings renewed faith and perspective.

It’s a great week for…

…recognizing limits.
It is a matter of space and timing.
Timing is something that happens organically.
Have you ever heard the saying that ‘things happen in their own time’?
If you really desire to communicate with your guides then it is necessary to do what creates space for this.
Remember to get quiet and find ways to trust that it is possible.
If you are not sure where to start ask the Unknown Angels out loud for guidance and help.
It’s also a good week for…
…finding shelter.
When you are wanting out of the rain, you find overhead shelter.
When you experience emotional storms, where and what gives you relief?
When drama shows up in your life, find a way to walk away, literally or figuratively.
Right now there is some chaos on the horizon.
Some of you are already experiencing it.
Know that after the storm is when rainbows and renewal happen.
Spirit is always sharing guidance about where, when and what.
All you have to do is listen. It is Spirits way!

Let Spirit in!

In Spirit Centered Awareness,
Judy and Christy
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