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Here is your;
Energy Reading
…for the week of: December 21st, 2016 Happy Solstice!
So much has happened this year politically, energetically, personally and environmentally.
It can be hard to know where to put your energy and focus.
We encourage you to bring your focus inside this week.

It’s a great week for…

…disengaging from the imbalance of the world.
Recognize that fairness is an inside job.
Just as your happiness is an inside job and up to you.
Recreating what you are not happy with starts with you.
Allow your self time to imagine what you would like and then take steps towards that.
It’s also a good week for…
…culturing adaptability in yourself.
The following year is going to be one of grand adventure.
There will be obstacles and challenges to face and overcome.
With adaptability and connection to Spirit you will come through the year stronger.
It takes great focus and strength to create a new world!

Let Spirit in!

In Spirit Centered Awareness, ​
Judy and Christy
P.S. Your ability to communicate with Spirit is like exercise. Doing it everyday is how you get stronger click here.