You’re heading to the airport to travel for the holidays.  Which type of traveler are You?  Do You recognize yourself as the uptight, worried and fearful person?  Or do You think of yourself as the relaxed, easy-going, loving traveler?

Are You thinking how the TSA searches with their new high tech x-ray machines are invading your right to privacy?  Are You thinking that they are risking your health by exposing You to an exorbitant amount of radiation?

Oh boy, what if You refuse?  Then, are You up to being patted down?  Are You worried You might be pulled aside for a special search?  Worried about missing your flight?

Or are You thinking about how nice it will be to get where You’re going?  Do You trust that You’ll be to your gate on time?  Are You going with the flow?  Are You thinking, “Even if I get randomly selected for a search, it will be all right?” I Know above all that “All Is Well”.

Which person do You think will get singled out for a special TSA search?  The traveler who’s worried about it and has put a lot of energy thinking about the injustice of it all?  Or the traveler who’s overcome the fear of being searched and isn’t giving it much attention.

The only person You hurt with your thoughts is yourself.  TSA searches are just like anything else in life, not in your control.  You do have control over your thoughts and reactions to them.  It’s up to You whether You come from a loving place or a fear based place.

What can You do to ensure your time in the airport goes quickly and smoothly? Here’s some helpful hints to go through airport security easily.

Affirm and Intend:  I radiate love and positive energy while I get to my plane.  I follow the security rules and people feel at ease around me.  I go with the flow and get to my gate on time.

Use Your Psychic Abilities: Always follow your intuition when selecting check-in and security lines and agents.  You’re more likely to pick the path of least resistance.

Try seeing the energy of your path when You have a choice.  Which way is energetically brighter?  That’s the line or agent for You.  Or use any other psychic abilities You are comfortable working with when making decisions on the fly.  Your first instinct is usually right for You.

Also, psychically project yourself into your near future.  See yourself going through the security line with joy and ease.  Visualize yourself getting to your gate on time.  I like to affirm I’m always on time.  That statement lets the universe coordinate things like airplane delays, so I still am on time.

What if all else fails and You get pulled aside for a search anyway.Psychic Potentials

If You’re just having a bad day, i.e. totally out of alignment with yourself and you are one of the ones who must go through the super charged x-ray machine or submit to a pat down, make the best of it. Or, you’re having a good day and You get selected anyway.

First of all, know which option you feel more aligned with.  Only what You think matters here.  Do You think You’ll end up with a radiation related disease from walking through the x-ray machine and You don’t mind being touched so much? Well, You sound more aligned with skipping the machine and going with the pat down.

You can guard yourself from absorbing the TSA agent’s energy with protection roses and imagine them covering your skin all over your body.  So that when You are patted down any reaction energy from You or the agent goes down into the earth.

You can also release any energy of feeling violated after being physically searched.  Just imagine a magnet pulling out all that unwanted energy from being patted down.  Then fill yourself up with some energy of Divine Love and Light afterward.

Say that You really hate being touched and you’d rather just walk through the TSA body scanner machine.  Who cares if they can see you naked?  Then, walk through that radiation knowing that you’ll be all right.

Thinking thoughts like it won’t really harm me is way better than thinking it will kill you to walk through.  Also, You can use your protection roses to ground the energy from the x-ray. We teach techniques such as the protection roses in our Heal Yourself class.

If You do get selected for a body scanner search, keep yourself grounded and centered so You’re not adding fuel to the fire, by irritating the TSA agent.  The security workers are doing their job to the best of their ability to keep You safe.  Any negative thoughts about the TSA agents, really doesn’t hurt them.  Thoughts like that end up disconnecting You from your higher self and put You in a bad mood.  Why waste your energy like that?

You’re trying to catch a plane right now, not change national security policies in this moment.  I know that we don’t want our rights violated and we want to travel safely.  There’s really nothing more important that your own alignment with yourself in any given moment.  Here’s to staying centered and feeling aligned even when travelling.

Happy and safe travels to You!