I find it very interesting that individuals want to strengthen their abilities, but they don’t really have a reason for it.

One of the things that I do is make sure I have a clear question because when I have a clear question, I can expect a fairly clear answer in return.

If I’m just looking for answers without any questions or without having any desire to know anything then that it doesn’t really allow me to get any information that’s gonna give me anything, You know.

I get really strong hits on a ongoing basis and those are the ones I’m going to listen to anyway, I didn’t need a question for.

When it comes to everyday subtle information I’m always getting information.  When I have the question is when I actually feel like I’m getting the clear answers.

So if I have a clear question that I can present to the universe or to my angels or to my guides or whoever it is that You’re wanting to talk to,  that’s when You’re going to get the information that’s gonna be the easiest to deal with or easiest to understand.

The answer always comes.  What was coming to mind while you where talking.

If it’s just something not important to You, your clarity… your level of wanting to know something is not that strong.  Say it’s a life or death situation You’re going to get very strong information on what to do in that moment  and it’s gonna be clear and you’re gonna follow it and you’re not gonna question it because it’s intense, it’s in the moment.  It’s in the now but if it’s something like well in five years… should I go to Jamaica or should I go to Cancun… it’s five years away and it’s not going to feel as important.

That’s true and the more You pay attention the more that You’re going to get information for the more mundane everyday questions that You’re asking.  You do have a tendency to get information about  things that are really dramatic and yet when You pay close attention You can be having just a little bit of a questioning about… You know whether this class is good or whether that one’s gonna serve you most and You’ll get answers and they’ll be a little quieter but you still get them.

It’s just a matter of paying attention most of the time, don’t you agree? Yea exactly, I think our guides love it when we pay attention they don’t have to get so big about things. Yea and that’s another thing too, even if you don’t catch it the first time, if your still listening your spiritual guides are going to keep sharing information with You. They’re gonna … they’re going to keep knocking until You hear that somebody’s knocking at the door.

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