Are You Ready to Quit Recycling
the Family Patterns That Hurt?

How much of what You deal with today is really yours and how much comes from the generations before You?

  • You can be affected by what has come before You physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.
  • You may be working through issues energetically and cellularly handed down from your grandparents and great-great-grandparents.
  • If You leave unresolved matters in your cellular consciousness, your children, future children and future grandchildren may encounter some similar problems as You.
  • When You clear the energetic issues that are no longer serving You they are also cleared through your lineage, if that serves them as well.

I just knew it was time to experience myself on a deeper level. During the Generational Healing I experienced overall clearing of my being and amazingly food started tasting different and better. I am feeling truly like a new person with subtle yet powerful shifts in how I feel/think.

Julia DeArment
Massage Therapist, Sedona, Arizona

Is there a way to release yourself from the health issues that tend to be part of your family history?

  • Your health can be as much about the energy and emotions learned and expressed in family dynamics.
  • By releasing yourself from familial patterns energetically You can even raise your vibration and the vibration You pass on to your children.
  • Generational healing supports those who wish to expand their consciousness, creativity and intellectual capacity.

I had some results from my annual medical that were scary and completely in-congruent with my overall health and lifestyle. When I looked at the questionnaire about who in my family had experienced cancer, I put two and two together and recognized that this health issue was actually picked up from my maternal side of the family.

Within a week of starting the Generational healing I was told that the energy was gone and that all I needed to do was clear up the physical manifestation. With out aggressive medical treatment I was able to fully release the unhealthy energetic patterning, heal physically and get back to promoting health-confident that my choices do make a difference!

June D.


Or the relationship patterns that You seem to pass through, without finding the connection You were desiring?

  • By removing unhealthy energetic connections You can improve your personal relationships and transform your family relationships too.
  • Your ability to stay connected to and hear your true heart is easier.
  • You get to keep the generational connections that You feel are supportive in defining who You want o be in life.

“I love my family very much and there are still some things I know I picked up from them that stop me from being as happy as I believe I can be. This program was another piece of the puzzle for me in really feeling good about myself. I recognize that having let go of the baggage I didn't even realize I was carrying that my life is already easier and more enjoyable. I feel freer to just be who I am!” 

Dr. Haley Perlus
High Performance Sport & Exercise Coach

“I started this healing stressed out and uncentered with fear around finances and taking care of my children. I had a lack of focus in moving forward with my life due to an impending divorce.

During the program I felt a lot of energetic, emotional, and physical releases. I got clear and practical guidance on parenting patterns. I gained a sense of competency around my ability to go inside and listen for my own answers and self heal.

Now I'm at a whole new level of self care and self listening. I've been able to stabilize my living situation, creating safe nurturing space for myself and my children. I am confident now that moving forward I can find my way.”

Madelon Guinazzo

And/or the financial situations that seem to be difficult to break away from?

  • How we express ourselves in relation to abundance is something that can also be passed along through the generations.
  • When You start clearing those passed on fears energetically, You open yourself up to so much more potential that can be expressed and utilized by You!
Gea Franklin Gea Franklin

“I was fed up with the negative patterns in my family when I began the Generational Healing Program. I was able to uproot other people's influence from my emotions and subconscious patterning. This program helped me be more conscious of myself and outside influences. I feel another step closer to fully being myself.”

Brad Wozny Brad Wozny

“Great investment for myself and business. Recognized myself to be in really good hands and their feedback during the healing was practical and usable. Amazing how these women tap into the unseen web that connects us all!”

We can do so much on the physical level and yet ‘real change’ happens when we can also address the energetic, emotional and spiritual aspects of ourselves as well.

“The issues around my deceased father and all the genetic, emotional and physical baggage I've been dragging along with me have been a central and stressful part of my life for years. I was terrified to let go of this part of my connection to my Dad. On some level I was afraid it meant letting go of him entirely. During the Generational Healing we gave one another permission to let go of the negative connections. My fears of losing my Dad completely were not realized and our connection is stronger than before.The end result was beyond anything I could ever have hoped for. I am free of the fear that has controlled my life for over a decade. Thank You Judy and Christy!”

Keren D.

There is a way that we can free ourselves from
the patterns of the generations before us!

Allow us to support You to start fresh in living out your desires to promote and live health, connect deeply in relationship, and create the patterns of abundant wealth that serve You!

“21 Day Generational Healing”

Psychic Potentials

Clear your DNA and cellular consciousness from patterns you’ve inherited and those you’ve passed down.

Live free and light in your full personal power.

We will be accessing the power of a group to allow everyone’s release and healing to be more effective!

The group is also a reminder that we do not have to do it alone, that we have community to support us and celebrate with us.

“I was at the crossroads in my life, wanting to put energy into a career, after focusing on being a mother for 7 years. I felt stressed and unclear about how to move forward. The Generational Healing program with the Reiki and reading really helped me clear out my physical, emotional and mental space so I now feel more clear and at ease. I have a renewed faith and trust in my life path.”

Elsa Abookire

This program is designed to be easily integrated into your life and your normal daily schedule, while at home or traveling.

What You’ll get in the 21 Day Generational Healing Program:


  • Continuous Distant Reiki support by Reiki Masters during your generational healing!
  • Recorded audio meditations to support You each night before you go to sleep
  • Recorded mediations intended to access information for your benefit from your generations past, present and future.
  • Access to a discussion page open for comments to support each other and ask questions over the 21 days.
  • Email support providing psychic feedback from Christy and Judy Lynn for generational healing questions.
  • Recorded Tele-class covering all the aspects of the Generational Healing Program the first night of the program.
  • A channeled audio recording in celebration of your freedom to live your truth and light.
Tanya Paulsen

“I guessed that the majority of my fears and stressful thoughts came from generations past and possibly future. I was so tired of being overwhelmed because I felt like I had to do it all on my own.

I totally immersed myself in this opportunity for releasing anything that wasn't mine, yet still affecting me, which was easy because Christy and Judy Lynn make it simple and effective.

I am still watching how my life is changing for the better as I am now able to live from this clearer place.” 

Tanya Paulsen
Rolfer and Mother

BONUS: Heal Yourself Home Study Program

Filled with meditations and techniques to keep You living from your most powerful place!

You get 9 meditations, including a fully integrated meditation to assist in using all these techniques quickly and effectively, and a printable workbook in a do anytime, anywhere format.

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And gain freedom from the limitations and anchors set up by others!  

Join Us in Riding the Waves of Insight!

“As soon as I had my reading with Judy and Christy I felt an immediate sense of universal connection that I have never experienced before. I felt an integration of all that I know and what the future holds at a cellular level.

The tools that we received as a part of the generational healing program have been very helpful with staying connected, feeling intuitive at all times not just sporadically like in the past.

I received some profound messages from ancestors from past generations which have been helpful, mentally and physically.

I am reconnected with music and relaxation, two things that I used to enjoy very much prior to having children. I am excited to see what else unfolds!”

Laurie Jensen
Rolfer and Mother

30-day-03-White We’re so confident that the ‘Generational Healing and Heal Yourself‘ will support you, save you effort, and allow you to tap into your greater knowing, that if you’re not satisfied, you get a no-questions-asked-hassle-free refund.


The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
It is the source of all true art and science.

~Albert Einstein

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Psychic Potentials

Christy and Judy