Moving forward look to gain extreme clarity about the situations in your life.  It is a good time to uncover the reality of your life, trusting your intuition by asking and accepting guidance from within and around You.

When clarity comes there may be a very strong urge to just go for it and take action, right now.  Today! Not knowing the outcome may challenge You a little but going into it from a grounded place You will know what adjustments need to be made along the way. psychic potentials develop Your abilities

The quicker You move while taking action the more awareness is needed to stay on the path of choice.  If You get thrown for a loop just take a little time to slow down so You can be back in touch with your guidance and have confidence in your next best step. There is a success from taking inspired action that comes from this, even if in some moments it may not feel like it will turn out well.  Stay in that valuing of self so that things can smooth out more quickly whenever necessary.

Keep putting one foot in front of the other as You work out what is right for You in your life.  Sometimes it is important to move forward with something to know for sure if it is right for You or not. If the path is right for You, great, if not re evaluate and start fresh.

Sharing your thoughts and ideas with individuals that oppose You will cause You to feel conflict.  In taking action You may come across some opposition from the ones around You.  Let that belong to where it comes from.  It is not yours.

Watch what might pull You back into something You are done with.  Share and talk about the new You, your plans and ideas, with those that will support and encourage You.   You are only served by directly focusing on what serves You from a heartfelt place. That may look like being in service to others even, as long as You also are served by doing for others.

Spend time connecting with your inner guidance so that You can move your beliefs, ideas and projects out into the world with confidence and flow.  A quick reminder to be the supportive encouraging one when others are sharing with You about their new choices and plans.

Remember to use any opposition You experience to add to your clarity.

Are You valuing yourself enough so that You can ensure You are making decisions that serve You? Emotional satisfaction comes from making decisions from a centered place.

The valuing energy of this shows up in personal recognition of what You have to offer via your talents and skills and sharing them.

Action: What is something that You always said You would like to do but haven’t done yet? Allow Yourself to focus on this/these things, see yourself succeeding and ask yourself often ‘How can I do this?’.

In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

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