How do You move through life living with what is, in each moment, when those around You are imposing their perceived story of You on You?

Everything comes from love and the degree that we allow spirit to move through us is how the love shows up.

The degree of empowerment from completely disempowered to complete empowerment comes from the flow of universal energy that we all have access to every moment of every day. The amount of this energy that you allow to move through You is up to You.Psychic Potentials

Listening to story about yourself whether it comes from Your inner dialogue of mirrored to You from others is a choice.

If You ever blame others for imposing their story on You then You miss the incredible opportunity to see yourself more clearly and how You will have taken it on and lived it.

It is up to You to collapse the stories that cut You off from the Source of You, the larger ‘Self’ that is benevolent and loving and expansive and always willing to bring You to the fullest most authentic version of your ‘self’.

This full moon be willing to live the spiritually connected expanded joyful version of who You are, free of story and willing to be authentic in how You express yourself in each day.

Remember helping another when they are spiraling or struggling can add as much darkness to their situation as imposing negative thoughts.

Blaming and helping can be two sides for the same coin. Both can be ways You shut down the flow of spiritual expansive energy to yourself and add frenetic energy to another’s situation.

What does a child think when You help them do something they are capable of doing when they have not asked for help? In many cases it says ‘You are not able, so I will do this for You’.

When what we are wanting for them is to feel like they can, so watch where You might be adding darkness by helping.

We are moving into a stable emotional time in our shifting to this new dimension.

It really is a powerful time to see the ways we mentally set ourselves up for failure or success in our lives.

And if You haven’t lately it is time to question any rules and beliefs that You live by, knowing that it is up to You to define yourself in the ways You choose.

Some of the ways will support You manifesting more easily and other ways will cause You to set up blocks to creating the life You believe You desire.

Action: Archangel Gabriel supports You in living and creating from a place of love.

Either there is love or the lack of it!

You may need to step outside of yourself and the life You have going to see options not yet considered.

The Distant Psychic Healing Day is on the New Moon, Aug 7th, for everyone on the Psychic Potentials mailing list. Our intention is always for the most benevolent outcome for all those receiving this healing energy!

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In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy

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