During the time between Equinox and the next Solstice, how can You step out of your life for just a few moments so that You take this awakening to the next level? When You experience what You normally experience nothing seems very important to adjust.

It is important to adjust what You have around You in your environment if You are wanting to be more clear in yourself. Our environments support us in maintenance and that is powerful if it is where You are wanting to be.

When You are choosing deeper understanding and greater joy then a shake up may be necessary to allow your environment to support You in this newly awakened way. Try doing things over the next months that You would not normally do, to give You perspective into your daily habits and patterns.

Listen for when it is time to spend time with people You wouldn’t normally, go places You wouldn’t normally, or participate in things You wouldn’t normally. Let You inspired knowing, the larger part of You lead You in the best direction for You!

Check it out to see which patterns are still supporting who You say You want to be and which ones are no longer serving You.

When You are willing to move into this new level of clarity from taking a step out of your life for a bit and going with the flow of new understanding, You avoid the pain of resistance and discomfort that happens when life moves on and You deny yourself the ability to move with it.

Trust that any revisions You make for You will bring something greater for others as well, knowing that it is not for You to know how this may happen. Let yourself be in a space of honesty and love as You take the steps toward a more awakened You.

It is called now for us to come to a new level of trust. Trust in yourself and your abilities, trust in others, trust in the direction You are inspired to, trust in being vulnerable and opening bigger than ever before, trust in others abilities to do for themselves, trust in the divine of You.

There will be a piece come up during these months around allowing others to make the choices that are right for them, taking them in the direction of those choices. Your job is to move into a new vibration of being for yourself and be a guide for others if they choose to travel the direction You are.

It is a beautiful thing to be giving if and when it is desired and accepted.

Individuals choosing to be responsible for their own opening and integration can sustain it. If their opening is because of You carrying them then You both will find it difficult to maintain and disappointment happens.

With an open heart can You be willing to allow others to make their own way. You making your way right for You is the key over this period of time.2012 Reading

Yes heart head integration is happening faster than ever before and yes we are taking our manifesting to a whole new level as well. Find someone to talk your appreciation with, someone that supports your new level of integration.

The increase in vibrational energy is not going away so it is up to us to bring it in through our beings and reflect it out through and around our beings! Enjoy!

Action: Once You have realized what no longer serves it is time to bring your focus back to what You are choosing and allow what no longer serves to fall away easily.

Your job is to focus on what brings You joy and to shine the light of You from that open loving place of appreciation. Dancing in the co creative energies of You and others shining fully!

Sit in the middle of your home and just allow yourself to notice whether You environment uplifts You or anchors You.

Refine this by looking at each individual, thing and situation in your life. Focus on the ones that uplift and expand You and let the rest go!


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In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy

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