Are You looking for a way to boost your psychic abilities and feel more connected to your manifesting powers? Your answer may be closer than you think, right beneath your feet.

Earthing, sitting directly on the Earth or walking barefoot, grounds your energy and gives You an energetic recharge. Everything
and everyone is made up of energy. The Earth gets her energy from the Sun and we get our energy from the Earth. The Earth energy calibrates our bodies, grounds us and empowers our body’s innate healing abilities.

photo 3The most beneficial way to Earth is to sit directly on the ground. Green grass or beach areas are preferred since there is a higher moisture content. Water conducts electricity which boosts the amount of energy You can absorb from the Earth. You can use a cotton sheet or blanket if you like. Avoid plastic, rubber, wood and cement. Those elements don’t conduct the electricity very well.

Earthing has many healing benefits such as: improved circulation, better sleep, anxiety reduction, boosts energy and metabolism, decreased inflammation, balanced hormones, calms the nervous system, improved immunity and stress reduction.

Besides the healing benefits, Earthing can increase your psychic abilities and connection.

  1. Earthing boosts your psychic ability by helping You ground more fully.  The more grounded You are the easier it is to make sense of the information you receive. You’ll feel more present and connected with the world around You.
  2. You’ll have an easier time manifesting your dreams when You Earth.  You’ll find clarity from being grounded and connected with your hopes and desires while sitting and relaxing. This clarity will draw more life force through You to bring your ideas into reality. You’ll be more aligned with what you want so it can come to You faster. You can also send your desires out to the Universe so your guides and angels can help You.
  3. Earthing is a great time to commune with your guides.  You’ll get inspiration about what steps are next for You and feel the energy flowing through You to take those steps.
  4. The Earth energy will clear and boost your chakras while raising your overall vibration.  Earthing will asset in clearing photo 1-2unwanted energy from your aura.
  5. Earthing will help connect You with unlimited Source energy and your soul level mind.  It will help you get out of your limited human, ego based perspective.

Earthing will help You connect with your natural intuitive awareness and attract your heart’s desires.  You’ll feel more aware of the energy flowing in and around You.  You’ll feel more energized and alive.  It’s a great time to daydream and commune with all that is.

Give it a try.

Happy Earthing!

Christy & Judy

P.S. If you are looking for simple methods to stay grounded and run your own unique energy so other’s don’t drain you. Click here to check out this Heal Yourself home study program.

P.P.S Click here for a free grounding meditation You can listen to while Earthing.