Did you know that physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues are handed down for numerous generations in your DNA? Often challenges in this life were handed down from grandparents and great-great-grandparents in genetic patterns.

If you leave unresolved matters in your cellular consciousness, your future grandchildren may encounter some similar problems as you. You have the ability to clear your DNA of programming that no longer supports you.

Psychic Generational HealingWhat a gift you give yourself and future generations by being willing to expand your consciousness and clear your genetic patterns now! You add light to your life and to the world while creating new stories of wellness. You are able to look forward in anticipation for the joy and expansion future generations will be born into.

The current energies on the planet are asking us to clear our lives of anything keeping us from fully being in our now. This includes worn-out energetic baggage that hinders us from living our fullest expression of our divine selves. Now is the time to feel free and radiate your soul in transparent joy as we continue to raise our personal vibrations, along with the Earth.

In a 21 day generational healing, with your psychic awareness and intention, you can call forth your previous generations and your future generations. You connect across space and time with the help of archangels, Reiki and your open and willing mind. With everyone’s soul-level permission, you alter the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual programming in your DNA.

By engaging in psychic, generational healing you come to appreciate the beneficial inheritance of beliefs and energy that support you in life, while you simultaneously heal any energy that hinders your highest life path. The understanding that ‘we all do the best we can in the moment’ grows during a generational healing.

You don’t even need to be aware of what specifically you are healing as long as you’re willing to release anything holding back your progress. By participating in a generational DNA healing, you fine tune and enhance the legacy you will leave to future generations. Not only will you clear unwanted energy from your blood line, you’ll positively affect everyone in your soul family and the world. 21 day generational healing participants often receive loving messages of appreciation from future generations and past generations in which they express immense gratitude for participants offering forgiveness and being willing to clear un-serving energy.

21 Day Generational  HealingGenerational healing participants report having visions and sensations during that magical time before falling asleep after listening to a short meditation, even if they didn’t consider themselves psychic. While DNA is cleared in the sleep-state, many participants experience conscious awareness of what they are clearing during sudden ‘ah-ha’ moments during the day.

After completing 21 day generational healing most report feeling lighter and more connected with their life paths. 21 day generational healing revitalizes participants and promotes love, joy and acceptance.

Four benefits of doing a 21 Day Generational Healing:

  1. Physical well-being. You don’t have to be limited by health problems your ancestors lived. One of the first things doctors ask is your family history. Doctors look for genetic patterns from your parents and grandparents. The doctors are right; we do pass health issues on energetically to our children. What modern medicine may not be aware of, yet, is that family history can be cleared and left in the past. Generational healing supports those who want to write their own prescription for their health.  
  2. Emotional fitness. Families have been known to pass on emotional baggage as well. Does depression, anxiety, guilt, anger or moodiness run in your family? You have the power to clear and elevate your emotions when you release stored energy from your DNA. Generational healing helps those who wish to find more hope, passion, and joy in life.  
  3. Mental health. How we perceive life can be strongly affected by what our families handed to us. How open we are in our thinking can be directly related to what our ancestors believed. Generational healing supports those who wish to expand their consciousness, creativity and intellectual capacity.
  4. Spiritual wholeness. Religious and spiritual beliefs held by previous generations can affect us now, even if we don’t subscribe to our ancestors’ spirituality. Do understand that you can talk to your own guides? Or do you belief your guidance comes externally? Do you acknowledge your own divinity? Psychic generational healing aids those who wish shine their soul-level light in their lives and align with their soul-level purpose.

Don’t wait to live free and light. Clear your genetic patterns in a 21 day generational healing. You’ll be happy you did, so will your ancestors and future generations.

Judy Lynn and I, along with the power of group energy, can support You in this process in our 21 Day Generational Healing Program.  To find out more about the 21 Day Generational Healing program or register for the next one please click here.

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