Breath Awakenings Meditation Program

Use your breath to gain greater clarity and awareness and stay soul centered!

Have You ever had to deal with feeling scattered and stressed?

Or maybe You are feeling emotionally unbalanced and disconnected from source energy, then You’ve stumbled across this offering at just the right time.

In fact, if you read on you’ll learn why staying connected, relaxed and centered never need to be an issue for you again.

In your copy of Breath Awakenings, you will gain understanding about how being grounded through your breath will allow You greater access to your psychic potential.

Using the Breath Awakening tools and meditations allows You to attain:

  • greater relaxation and vitality
  • getting and staying emotionally balanced
  • being grounded and centered
  • pain release  easily and quickly (so You can maintain greater focus in your meditations and spiritual practice)
  • cleansing and clearing of your energy to boost your psychic skills
  •  expanded consciousness

Which allows You to be more present and empowered in your life so You can more clearly understand and use the psychic information You get!

“Emotionally challenging situations are no longer an issue for me.  I use the Breath Awakenings and feel more connected to my inner peace and the source energy around me.” ~ Johanna Lynn,  Hypnotherapist and Birth Doula

6 Tracks Include:breath-package1

  • Your breath gives You freedom
  • Understand How You Breath and Learn How
    to Breath More Powerfully
  • Deep Relaxation is Yours
  • Grounding Meditation to Access More Power
  • Revitalizing Meditation
  • Gain Greater Peace in Your Life

“I know I am psychic, but when I started using Breath Awakenings I was able to be clearer in translating the psychic information I received. It was also easier to clear and release the energies I was reading for others.” ~ Tanya Paulsen, Mother & Rolfer

Bonus: You’ll get another tool for relaxation and pain release.

The Myoball technique is created by a body worker using the technique of Rolfing.  Created to support clients and effective for everyone

(You’ll just need to find a tennis ball to use for this technique)

  • You receive a Step-by-Step Manual.
  • Regularly $59 US

You deserve to have access to your full psychic abilities and a relaxed healthy body supports this in every way.

In the Breath Awakenings Package You Get:

  • Breath Awakenings Audio Download, including a step-by-step guide
  • Myoball Technique-the anywhere, anytime, pain and tension release technique ebook.

With purchase relaxation is only minutes away!

Yes! I want to download my copy of Breath Awakenings now and get my bonus The Myoball Technique.

Purchase now for only $27.



We’re so confident that the ‘Heal Yourself‘ will support You, save you effort, and allow You to tap into your greater knowing, that if you’re not satisfied, you get a no-questions-asked-hassle-free refund.


“The wind does not break a tree that bends.”  

~ Sukuma proverb (Africa)

In Spirit Centered Awareness,

Christy & Judy