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Here is your;
Energy Reading
…for the week of: Sept 16th, 2016

Here we are, yet another eclipse and with it more potential for greater awakening.  

Have you noticed how everything and everyone around you is changing.

They are a reflection of you!

The planet as a whole is headed for re-organization. Can you feel it?

Time to use those natural psychic abilities to navigate through the chaos.

It’s a great week for…

…learning to trust your psychic senses.
Trust happens quickest with experience.
Start slow to develop and trust in those skills.
To begin with ask simple non emotionally charged questions and then allow the answers to come to you.
Do not expect 100% accuracy and soon your accuracy will improve.
Much like leaning a new language, you will trust that you are not asking the waitress to deliver you a car to eat, after trying it a few times.
It’s also a good week for…
…getting things done.
Have you been putting things off with the belief there will be time later?
No better time than now to look after priorities.
Where do you think inspiration comes from.
There is a connected part of you that knows in this moment what serves you best.
Working towards new levels of organization takes a bit of action whether it is envisioning or supporting the outward creation of those visions!
Happy Creating!

Let Spirit in!

In Spirit Centered Awareness,
Judy and Christy
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