Energy Reading
…for the week of: July 7th, 2015
What is real?
Check it out!
It is a great week for taking pause.
When you spend so much time feeling regret, or worried about the future, you have little room to experience the present.
You miss the magic of the present. You don’t hear the message of Spirit.
The magic that lets you ‘see’ more than just what you have manifested on the physical plane. The messages that bring you to greater connection and success.
Can you tell when you are completely in sync with the greater Source aspect of yourself?
Do you feel the shifts coming and are you willing to see how they will affect you personally?
Even if you are ready and excited about the changes coming as a global community, you may still find yourself feeling the effects of grieving.
That is necessary.
You may also find yourself releasing emotions of old in this cleansing.
This week…
…focus on the emotion that flows within and over you… even if you don’t understand the reason.
Use your breath to let the emotion flow and be released back to the Universe.
Be gentle with yourself. Find ways to nurture while you cleanse emotionally. This gives you space to recognize how the Universe delivers to you what you need.
It allows you to see more clearly in the present moment. It’s  where Spirit is sharing with you where to be, and at what time.
While we shift as a whole, your journey is still individual. The answers can be found within.
In Spirit Centered Awareness,
Judy and Christy
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