Relaxing and slowing down are an integral part of developing and nurturing psychic abilities.  Remember, being psychic is a completely natural way of being.  In our high-stress over-stimulated society we often become distracted from our inner awareness. We allow ourselves to follow the beat of the clock instead of tuning into our own guidance.  This hectic way of life often leaves us disconnected from ourselves, nature and our spiritual insight.

By taking time to unwind, be still, open your heart and mind, You open the door for noticing your psychic impressions.  By breathing fully and deeply, You relax into your well-being.  Relaxation helps your energy flow freely through your body and your chakras.  You become more grounded and present in the now and the importance of time fades into the background.

Here are 8 ways that relaxing directly benefits your psychic abilities.

  1. Relaxing increases grounding by allowing energy to flow through the feet and root chakras.  The more grounded You are the more psychic information and energy You can receive.
  2. Relaxing facilitates connecting psychically with nature and nature spirits. For instance, I was enjoying Psychic Potentialsand relaxing while walking with my daughter, not concerned about hurrying.  She picked a beautiful blue bell flower and handed it to me.  I could tell my senses were heightened because this bluish-purple flower appeared to be glowing.  I could literally hear it talking to me while I held it in my hand admiring it.  The blue bell flower had a sweet gentle voice as it told me, “You might as well eat me now.  I’ll only wither away soon.”   When I put it on my tongue, it tasted especially sweet and brilliant.
  3. Relaxing opens psychic channels such as the third eye, heart and crown chakra causing free flowing energy which elevates the senses.  With an open heart and mind You’ll find it very easy be open to psychic impressions that come to You.
  4. Relaxing assists in expanding your psychic abilities beyond your current state of awareness.  For example, I don’t usually see auras physically with my eyes.  When I was resting on the beach a couple of weeks ago feeling relaxed and my friend’s aura just popped right out.  I was so distracted noticing how beautiful and shimmering the colors were I could hardly pay attention to what she was saying.
  5. Relaxing raises your energetic vibration.  The higher You vibrate the easier it is to access higher dimensional guidance.   Channeling guidance is facilitated by relaxing and deep breathing.
  6. Relaxing provides the opportunity to ask for help from your spirit guides and also provides the space for hearing their guidance and noticing psychic impressionsYou’ll be amazed at how much more insight comes when You are feeling peaceful and calm.
  7. Relaxing clears your mind helping You to be clear on the magical intentions You hold.  You are able to eliminate extraneous thoughts and desires and be clearly focused.
  8. Relaxing improves your psychic relationships with others too.  You’ll be more open telepathically to your loved ones.  Love flows with greater ease through open heart chakras.  You’ll have an easier time reading others intuitively while relaxed.

I encourage You to create and allow yourself the space to relax and unwind.  The clear guidance, free flowing energy, heightened and expanded psychic senses, and greater psychic connection with yourself and others is well worth it.  So schedule some down time to fully connect with yourself psychically.

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