Are You using Your full psychic potential when driving?  I’m not talking about staring into your crystal ball or looking at passerbys’ auras.  That would be worse than texting and driving. Psychic Potentials

I’m talking about ways to use your psychic abilities to keep You safe while driving.

1. Ground yourself.

Don’t stop with yourself, ground your vehicle too.  Imagine that your car has a grounding cord as big as the car that goes down into the earth.  This will keep You present and aware.

2. Imagine white light filling and surrounding your car.

Put your energetic roses up if You use them.  White light and boundary roses will help other drivers notice your car and keep You from absorbing other drivers energy.

3. Expand your aura far out ahead of yourself and car.

An expanded energy field will help You be aware of traffic, accidents, police radar or any road hazards.  This is an especially helpful technique for highway driving. I sometimes extend myself one or two miles ahead, less for city driving.  Your expanded energetic awareness will also help You read other drivers’ intentions.  For example, You will be energetically alerted before others suddenly change lanes, turn or stop.

4. Always listen, trust and act upon Your guidance, especially while driving.

Don’t question your impulse to take the long way to work.  It might be your psychic guidance telling You the quickest way that day.  Boldly slow down, speed up or change lanes when You feel an inner prompting.  You’ll be glad You did.

Using your psychic abilities has the potential to keep You safe while driving and get You where You want to go in perfect timing.

Here’s to aware driving!


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