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Will getting Aligned energetically really help me to enjoy life more?

  • You’ll find living in this ever-shifting time easier and your abilities will help you stay balanced in stressful situations.
  • When the energy surrounding you (aura) is clear your relationships end up invigorated too.
  • Clear and functioning well energetically= greater health physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. (And financially!)
  • With greater alignment, you’ll be left with more energy to live your life more fully, feeling alive and joyful, doing the things you love.

And you learn…

  • How to Get Grounded and Spiritually Aligned.
  • How to Avoid Taking On Other Peoples Energy.
  • Strategies to Increase Your Psychic Power.
  • How to give yourself the Gift of Greater Serenity.
  • Learn How to Tap Into ‘Spirit’ Directly for Answers and Clarity.
  • Get Advanced Tools for Manifesting Your Greatest Desires.
  • How to Trust and Build Your Psychic Muscle.
  • How to get Crystal Clear About Your Purpose.

The techniques we cover will empower You to cultivate and expand your inherent intuitive skills.

Don’t wait until the energy misalignment shows up as sickness, sadness, and fear, stagnant spiritual growth, lack of financials, broken relationships, depression or boredom.

By tapping into the source and harnessing your Psychic Potential you can increase your personal energy and power, expand your business, create the relationships you want, be healthy and creative.

Normally $99 value (digital audio and pdf downloads)

PRODUCT #2: Breath Awakenings Package

Let us support you to gain freedom and health in your emotional and physical breath-packagebody.

  • greater relaxation and vitality allow You to get more psychic information
  • using your breath to keep emotions balanced and centered allows for a clearer understanding of the psychic information received

Normally $49  (comes in PDF and Digital audios)

GET $611 of programs for only $79 $49 NOW!

PRODUCT #3: Myoball Healing Technique

The drug-free, inexpensive way to release and prevent pain and tension anywhere.

  • Release pain easily and quickly so You can maintain greater focus in your meditations and practice
  • Get grounded to allow you to be more present and empowered
  • Use it to release pain and tension anywhere anytime.

Normally $49  (Includes online audio and PDF download)

PRODUCT #4: Harnessing Your Psychic Tools Video Program

Instructs you in further understanding the simple yet profound language of Spirit. Discover which tool is right for you, and how best to use them.

Here are the tools we cover:


  • Tarot Cards
  • Oracle Cards
  • Runes
  • Pendulum
  • Angel Cards
  • SpellBoards
  • Candles
  • Crystals
  • Books

A $49 value (includes PDF and Digital Audios)

PRODUCT #5: Chakra Healing Package

Chakra Imbalances show up physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually!

You’ll learn why Chakra Imbalances can show up as the symptoms related to stress, depression, and problems that don’t seem to be resolved any other way.

Tap into a resource that lets You bring more power and abundance to your life.

When You download The Chakra Healing and Balancing Program now, You will be able to consciously access the inner power that comes from being aware of and knowing how to work with your energy centers.

Healing and Balancing your Chakras can be the puzzle piece that is missing when You just seem to have re-occurring issues.

In the Chakra Healing and Balancing Videos You will:

  • Discover how connected and balanced your chakras are
  • Develop stronger psychic abilities and spiritual connection
  • Be in your power and feel passionate about Life
  • Infuse Spirit into the mundane by being more connected to Source
  • Have healthy, open and loving relationships
  • Overcome fears and self-limiting patterns
  • Find ease in manifesting  abundance and security in your life
  • Experience confidence and a high level of self-worth which brings greater joy in your life


Those who have watched the Chakra Healing Videos and used the Chakra Meditation are already enjoying these benefits.

 “When I used This Chakra Healing and Balancing Package I started noticing right away how decisions started coming so easy to me. I really noticed how this affected my solar plexus chakra area and I started feeling less anxious when I was dealing with my boss. Thank You very much for making this information so easy to work with.”
~ “Tamara Holinder, Massage Therapist

“I am finding it easier to accept my psychic abilities. The headaches I was having diminished and eventually went away. Using this program along with the techniques I am learning in the Psychic 101 home study course cause me to feel like doors are opening up to me all over the place!”

“I was going through a rough and uncertain time in my life. I was able to find comfort and the ability to feel more secure in the midst of change. I now have more energy available and inspiration for the projects I am working on that are part of my future.”
~Laura Adams, Massage Therapist & Iridologist

The Chakra Healing and Balancing Program includes:

    • 3 Videos showing how to test, and balance each chakra, how to release blockages and protect your chakras
    • PDF outlining each of the Chakras-their meanings and what they affect to download immediately after investing
  • 2 Chakra Healing Meditations for immediate download

If you want support cleaning up your energetic house (chakras being the individual rooms) so You can get on with living the joyful life You were meant to live, get the Chakra Healing and Balancing Program!

Normally $49 value (digital downloads)

GET $611 of programs for only $79 $49 NOW!

PRODUCT #6: When the Door Opens ebook

Stimulates and helps you raise your vibration and open to incredible mental and spiritual possibilities.

You’ll Learn about:

    • Energetic Shifting
    • Raising Vibration
    • Being a Spiritual Being
    • Resisting Change
    • Conscious Creating
  • Physical Health

And so Much More!

Normally $19.00 (Digitally Delivered E-Book)

PRODUCT #7: 21-Day Generational Healing Home-Study Program


    • Continuous Distant Reiki support by Reiki Masters during your generational healing!
    • Recorded audio meditations to support You each night before you go to sleep
    • Recorded mediations intended to access information for your benefit from your generations past, present and future.
    • Recorded Tele-class covering all the aspects of the Generational Healing Program the first night of the program.
  • A channeled audio recording in celebration of your freedom to live your truth and light.

Tanya Paulsen

“I guessed that the majority of my fears and stressful thoughts came from generations past and possibly future. I was so tired of being overwhelmed because I felt like I had to do it all on my own.

I totally immersed myself in this opportunity for releasing anything that wasn’t mine, yet still affecting me, which was easy because Christy and Judy Lynn make it simple and effective.

I am still watching how my life is changing for the better as I am now able to live from this clearer place.”

Tanya Paulsen
Rolfer and Mother

Filled with meditations and techniques to keep You living from your most powerful place!

You get 9 meditations, including a fully integrated meditation to assist in using all these techniques quickly and effectively, and a printable workbook in a do anytime / anywhere format.

Normally a $297 value (delivered digitally via audio and ebook)

All of the above programs would
normally cost you $611.00

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In Heart Centered Awareness,

Christy and Judy Lynn

Psychic Potentials


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